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Accept the Challenge!

With a minimum $5,000 endowment gift to Valley City State University through the VCSU Foundation, you may benefit from a federal tax deduction and a North Dakota income tax credit equal to 40% of the charitable gift.

North Dakota Endowment Gift Credit

The endowment credit makes it possible for individuals, businesses and financial institutions to give more, and through their contributions, have a greater impact on the state’s quality of life. An endowment is a fund held by a tax-exempt organization where the principal of the fund is not wholly expendable. Only the interest and appreciation earned in an endowment fund can be used for current operations.
An individual may receive a 40 percent tax credit for contributions of $5,000 or more (lump sum or aggregate in one year) to a qualified North Dakota endowment. If a donor is in the 28 percent federal tax bracket, the tax benefit may look like this:
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As you can see, your charitable gift can give you considerable savings with the North Dakota Tax Credit Program! Please consider making a gift today, and as always, this information is provided for educational purposes only. Please consult your own attorney, accountant or financial adviser for advice on your individual situation.

Learn more by contacting the VCSU Foundation at or 701-845-7203.