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Steven King
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Donate To V-500 Today!

The V-500 scholarship program was founded in 1972 by a small group of visionary university and community leaders. Their intention was to develop a program that would provide financial assistance to students to attend Valley City State University. In the early years the program awarded a total of $5,000 in scholarship awards at the $75 level.

From those humble beginnings, V-500 has grown to become a tremendous asset to Valley City State University. Today's V-500 scholarships range from $1,000 - $5,000. Approximately 200 students benefit from the program annually.

There are now over 1,250 V-500 members, many with multiple memberships and a growing number with upper level memberships of V-5,000, V-10,000 and V-25,000. Nearly 40% of all VCSU scholarships are funded by V-500.

Our V-500 Board of Directors is working hard to grow this program even further. We hope you will join us in this effort. To join V-500 print out the V-500 brochure and send in the application or make an Online Donation.

V-500 Board of Directors

The 2014-2015 V-500 Board of Directors are hard-working volunteers who care share a common passion and gratitude for Valley City State University. The board is a mix of alumni and friends of the University, who appreciate what VCSU has done for them, the community and the region.
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Tommy Bergan
Erica Buchholz ’10
Jackie Cordie
Tom Glandt
Kelli Heath
Steven King
Tyler Marthaler
Dean Pedersen
Casey Stoudt Jr.
Loni Trapp
Jordan Undem ’14
Laurel Westby
Kara Wiebe '08
Angela Williams ’97

Ex Officio Staff
Larry Robinson '71
Jeremy Wiebe '08
Kim Hesch '91
Loree Morehouse '89
Dr. Tisa Mason