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The V-500 Board of Directors are hard-working volunteers who care share a common passion and gratitude for Valley City State University. The board is a mix of alumni and friends of the University, who appreciate what VCSU has done for them, the community and the region.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Tommy Bergan
Bill Carlblom
Jackie Cordie
Tom Glandt
Rachael Koch
Dewey Magnuson
Tyler Marthaler
Dean Pedersen
Ross Pritchert
Casey Stoudt Jr.
Loni Trapp

VCSU Faculty Representative

Angela Williams
VCSU Staff Representative
Erica Buchholz - President
Kelli Heath - Vice President
Presidential Designee
Loree Morehouse

Ex Officio Voting Members

VCSU President
Dr. Tisa Mason

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members

Larry Robinson
Kim Hesch
Loree Morehouse